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i have decler an NSMutable Array and load data from it to my tableview but here the issue is that the new loaded data comes to the middle of tableview or at bottom but i want that it comes at the top rows when i reload data in tableview how its possible if anyone can help me the i will be thankful to him/her;

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It depends on the way you add objects in your array. For example: if your NSMutableArray is named source, if you call

[source addObject:@"New row"];

you'll find @"New Row" as last row in your table, while if you call

[source insertObject:@"New row" atIndex:0];

you'll find it as first row.

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actullay me add object at run time in DocumentDirectory and then through NSUserDefaults acces the directory and put the data in an NSArray so how i can do it ...? –  khurshid May 11 '11 at 10:58

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