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I am working with legacy code of a template that is based on

  template<class keyType, class dType> Foo Bar(const dType val)

Somewhere in that code is a place where someone made a debug function like this:

virtual void getDebugStr01(int db_id, OFCString & db_str)
    //OFCStringStream ss;
        map<keyType, dType>::iterator it = m_stateData.begin();

Now, I would need to use the template class with a float. Is there anyway to do this?

Currently I get a:

   error C2228: left of '.getDebugStr01' must have class/struct/union
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I'm confused. Can't you just overload the method to take a float as parameter? Or make it a function template? –  Björn Pollex May 11 '11 at 9:49

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getDebugStr01() should be a member of a class/struct. virtual methods cannot be stand alone.

You can do something like,

Foo Bar (const float f)
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