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What I would like to do is find out the userId of the Nth user to like a page.

So far I am thinking it is not going to be possible.

Have found the following[PAGE_ID] which seems to show some of the users but only the first 400/500

I thought it may have been possible using FQL but am thinking it is not going to be since page_id is not an indexable column.

Saying that I found the following stackoverflow question which suggests it is possible but does not provide code Facebook API: Get fans of / people who like a page , the following post which got me hopeful Can I get a list of the people that have Facebook-liked my page? but checking looks like that wont work

It also points to this page which also seems to point to the fact it is not possible, Retrieve Facebook Fan Names (this answer seems to be the most voted Retrieve Facebook Fan Names). The following post seems to say yes and no at the same time Querying Users who 'like' my Facebook Page . So am I right in assuming that it is not currently possible?

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Appears to be a bug. See I wonder if it will even give you the actual order in which the fans liked the facebook page.

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