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How do you restart Samba on OSX 10.6.7? I've looked everywhere can't fine any docs.

Reason for asking is that on occasion Samba just hangs and I have to forcibly restart the mac to fix it. (restart command just hangs the mac)

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On a terminal, sudo killall smbd will terminate all smbd instances. They will be respawned on demand accoring to my tests (i.e. kill all smbd, then try to browse the services with smbclient -L hostname, and the daemons are restarted automagically).

You can check for smbd processes easily with ps uax | grep smbd

Edit: if you need to really assassinate blocked smbd processes, use killall -9 smbd (which is not recommended, see section on signals )

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There are no smbd processes running on 10.6.7. I've found plenty of suggestions for older version,s but 10.6.7 does it different somehow and I haven't found out how (and how to restart it). If the Samba is locked up, smbclient will lock up too and the terminal will also die. – batkuip May 16 '11 at 4:44
Gonna have to agree that 10.6.7's smb client locks up. – EBarr Aug 16 '11 at 19:41

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