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So i've created an Event in facebook. i want to add that event to my website (like how you can add a facebook fan page to a site).

is this possible?

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It's possible using FQL:

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Facebook provides a variety of social plugins for similar activities: As of this writing, Facebook has decided NOT to provide a plugin for events. You can take a particular event posting and embed it in your website, but not a list of upcoming events. – Bryce May 5 '14 at 17:04

It's 2015, but still the closest you get to "Join" button on you website -- is by embedding the post:

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I've found a great tutorial:Facebook Programming: API Events

I've posted is as answer to How to share facebook events by my website? which states another problem, how to add 'Join Event' button to the page, which unfortunatelly is by the moment unanswered...

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I am linking a facebook image with the the Link to the event like, because I haven't found any other fancy way to do it.

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