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I have to create trigger in my SQLite database.

There are 3 tables in database

  • questions (question_id)
  • options (option_id, question_id)
  • answers (answer_id, question_id)

Whenever any row is deleted from question table, the corresponding data should also be deleted from option and answer tables.

I am trying to create trigger using

CREATE TRIGGER question_delete
DELETE from options WHERE question_id= OLD.question_id AND
DELETE from answers WHERE question_id= OLD.question_id;

I get an error. Should I create two different trigger to perform this operation or any changes are required in above statement?

Please let me know.

Thanks Nidhi

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WHAT error do you get?? It really doesn't help us to know you get "an error" - but you're not telling us what it is!! –  marc_s May 11 '11 at 11:45
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Remove the AND after the first DELETE statement:

DELETE from options WHERE question_id = OLD.question_id;
DELETE from answers WHERE question_id = OLD.question_id;
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Thanks it works –  Nidhi May 12 '11 at 5:58
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try replacing the "AND" with ";" and it you still get an error, post the error's text here

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