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I know I have a basic question, but I can't think how I can draw a cube while the camera is open. I can seperately open the camera or draw a cube in the scene with a background by using GLSurfaceView.Renderer, however, I don't know how to combine these two code :s I mean I don't know how to draw the cube when the camera is open.

I'm still struggling with this problem.. Here how I'm trying to do it:

in the MainActivity, I'm calling the camera view as this:

Preview cameraPreview;
    cameraPreview = new Preview(this);
    ((FrameLayout) findViewById(R.id.preview)).addView(cameraPreview);

and I extend this activity and call the 3D cube to show up on the camera view

However no success,

whenever I include onPause(), onResume() methods in the second one, the application crashes...

Any suggestion ?

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This is what called Augmented reality .Take a Framelayout in your xml and add get in in you code by its id . Then add both the SurfaceView and the GlSurfaceView to the FrameLayout.

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ok thank you so much. trying now! – user748558 May 11 '11 at 12:01

Other idea:

1. Use the SurfaceTexture class to directly upload the camera stream to an OpenGL ES texture
2. Render texture to screen using full-screen textured quad (disable depth buffer writing)
3. draw other stuff on top of camera image using openGL
So what you do: Draw both the camera and the 3d stuff in a GLSurfaceView.

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