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I have a model that declares multiple has_many relationships. Is there meta data available in ActiveRelation such that I can loop through these has_many relationships when working with this model in order to see how many has_many relationships the model is involved in, and then access the contents of each from there?

Some pseudocode (will not run) if it helps clarify what my goal is:

MyModel.has_many_relationships.each do |relationship|
    relationship.contents.each do |content|
      # ...
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Sure you can!

Try searching for "reflect_on_all_associations" in the Rails documentation!

reflect_on_all_associations(macro = nil)

Returns an array of AssociationReflection objects for all the associations in the class. If you only want to reflect on a certain association type, pass in the symbol (:has_many, :has_one, :belongs_to) as the first parameter.


  Account.reflect_on_all_associations             # returns an array of all associations
  Account.reflect_on_all_associations(:has_many)  # returns an array of all has_many associations
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Perfect. Thanks Aditya! – inyourcorner May 11 '11 at 11:51
And if it eventually works out, maybe you can accept the answer too! Cheers! :) – Aditya Sanghi May 11 '11 at 11:52

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