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I have difficulties calculating percentage of a double value. I wrote the code below but it always show "0". What can be the problem?

        double percent = 80; //Percent
        double toCalc = 1/1000000; //1 uAmper

        MessageBox.Show((toCalc * (percent / 100F)).ToString());


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1/1000000 needs to be performed as a floating point division. I'd write it like this:


The way you wrote it, the division will be performed as an integer division, and then promoted to a floating point value. The integer division results in 0 which explains what you are seeing.

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This line is wrong:

double toCalc = 1/1000000; //1 uAmper

since you are assigning 0 to toCalc. That's why it always displays zero.

You should change it to

double toCalc = 1/1000000d;

That's because it first calculates 1/1000000 that, for integral types, evaluates to 0. Then, it is cast to double, but it's still 0.

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