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What are the best way to merge in kiln with another repository.

we have 3 repositories

  • 1.7.5
  • 1.7.6
  • main-dev

So I fix a bug in an older version (1.7.5). That fix I would like to merge with version 1.7.6, repository and in our main-dev repository..

How would I do this with mercurial (kiln)

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Kiln doesn't provide functionality that allows you to do a merge via Kiln's web UI. So you need to do an ordinary Mercurial merge locally and then push merged changsets to Kiln. There is a plenty of posts how to merge changesets in Mercurial, including some good ones on Kiln Stackexchange:

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Kiln Stack Exchange is no more – mjs Feb 26 at 21:35

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