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It is possiblle to hide cck fields and show other cck field when you choose a combobox opcion in a node?

For example: combobox opcions: 1 field, 2 fields

If I select 1 field, my form has a text field If I select 2 fields, my form has a text area and a imagefield

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You can always use the Conditional Fields module. After installing the module, you can use it as such:

  1. In your content type, add a select box and in allowed values area add "1 field" and "2 fields"
  2. Create a text field, you should see a fieldset titled "Conditional fields settings", open that and choose "1 field"
  3. Do a similar process to create a textarea and imagefield but choose "2 fields" in the conditional fields settings.

Now when creating a content type, when changing the value of the select box will show different fields on the form.

More information:
Example Screenshots
Documentation for Conditional Fields

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Awesome!!! Conditional Fields is the module that i was looking for. Thank you very much laxman13. –  Il niko May 11 '11 at 16:06

Check out the Display Suite module. The easy way to do this is create a build mode for each view and enable the "switch build modes on node page" option - then you can override the text values of the build mode selector.

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