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I'm attempting to create a 'jobs' page on a wordpress website. Each job has a Category (eg. Designer), and a tag for location (eg. Australia).

Currently each 'job' is a 'post' in wordpress. I'm really hoping to provide the ability for users to sort the jobs either by category, tag, date, or a combination of 2 or 3.

I've tried a bunch of plugins to no avail, and was wondering if someone could please lend a hand to explain how they may have accomplished this, or help me out in any other way.

Kind regards, Glen

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Perhaps you should create a custom post type of 'job' with category, tag and date as taxonomies. You can then use WP_Query to display -and sort- job listings. This tutorial should be enough to get you started: http://new2wp.com/pro/wordpress-custom-post-types-and-taxonomies-done-right/

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