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I want to write a script in Lua for establishing an ssh connection to execute a command on a remote server

Can anyone give me a hint

Thank you

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You can use os.execute ('ssh user@') to make the connection, but you may have to use os.execute ('ssh user@ &'..yourCommand) to make it execute afterwards in the shell, but I'm not entirely certain that it would work. It maybe better to create the script in Bash and execute that from Lua. If you needed to run differing commands, then you could have the script receive arguments.

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hey..thanks its working perfectly.. –  user748765 May 11 '11 at 14:53

As said by U319344, os.execute would be enough if you simply want to execute some program at the remote side.

If you need to interact with this program, you will need io.popen - it returns a file handle which you can use to read from and write to the remote command.

(And usually you will want to setup public-key authentication to not have to deal with passwords here.)

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hi Eberman..im also trying out io.popen..if i stuck up with that i will contact u again..thank u for your info.. –  user748765 May 11 '11 at 14:54

The simplest solution is to use io.popen as others suggested. If you want more control, try lpty.

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