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I am learning django admin, i have to models with a one-to-many relation between them. I got something like Manufacturer model where i can add different car manufacturers, and Car model for adding cars. In my django admin page i want to be able to display_list of all cars manfuctred by say manufacturer1 when i click on manufacturer1 entry.

I have found a trick by using Inline model in manufacturer admin model, the problem is that it loads every entry in the database and it takes some time as it's a big table.

Is there any method else to do that or do i have to create a new template ?

EDIT: The goal is not to load every Car that is FK to Manufacturer1 like with InlineModelAdmin but to get the same display as with display_list with results split in pages

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You have two options.

The easiest approach is to look at the relationship in reverse. Instead of going to a manufacturer change form and seeing all their cars. Go to the cars changelist and filter by manufacturer. You'll have to set the list_filter attribute on the car ModelAdmin to include manufacturer.

Option two, is going to be a huge pain, but you can override change_view on the manufacturer ModelAdmin to add the list of that manufacturer's cars to extra_context. Then, you'll have to override the admin template at 'templates/admin/yourapp/manufacturer/change_form.html'. You can then add to that template to produce the kind of list you're looking for using the list of cars you passed into extra_context, drawing on 'django/contrib/admin/templates/change_list.html' for inspiration.

Give the Django docs on the Admin a good thorough read. There's actually a wealth of info in there.

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I like the list_filter idea ! –  Chakib May 11 '11 at 23:57

You don't need any hack. Django admin displays only Cars that have a FK to Manufacturer1, when you select Manufacturer1, as long as you have used the InlineModelAdmin right and as intended.

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Yes, you are right but whit InlineModelAdmin it loads all the Cars that have Fk to Manufacturer1 however the display_list split them in pages which is very convenient for huge entries –  Chakib May 11 '11 at 14:13

Answer for your updated question:

the way to do it could be by using ProxyModels and overriding ModelAdmin.queryset

You extend the Car model via FordCar, GMCar and use proxy=True in the Meta class, for both those.

Then you can register seperate admins for each of FordCar and GMCar and override the queryset method in each of those ModelAdmin to filter for the respective manufacturer.


class FordCarAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin)
    list_display = fields = ['name','model','engine']

    def queryset(self,request):
        qs = super(MyModelAdmin, self).queryset(request)
        return qs.filter(manufacturer__name='Ford')

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Thanx for your example i did not know about proxy models, however i will not be able to create new Manufacturers dynamically if i have to create the ModelAdmin of each brand. –  Chakib May 12 '11 at 0:03

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