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I am just starting out in the world of SQL Server Database/Server administration, Due to a unexpected workload..

Can anyone suggest good, free training books or free training videos.

Which cover Profiler, Perfmon and other essential aspects of administering a server

I have read the book by How to Become an Exceptional DBA by Brad M McGehee but that was more about a DBA as a person. (I do fit the profile but not the wage at the moment) 10 years. I will be there!

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Probably the best documentation is the SQL Books online

Videos covering backup basics and a few other tips/tricks are here

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If you're looking for free books on Profiler, I'd recommend Brad McGehee's excellent book here: I also outlined a bunch of free resources here:… But that list didn't include many of the great blogs and other sites listed in a similar question on stack overflow:… – Michael K. Campbell May 12 '11 at 14:13
SQL Server Statistics by Holger Schmeling is a great book which gave me a good understanding of this subject and is worth reading. Even if you are just starting out. – icecurtain May 25 '11 at 9:02 is a great resource as well. Lot's of good articles and blog entries around features and tasks.

There is a really good Stairway series on SQL Server that covers the profiler and other admin tasks. is good for whitepapers

Also look into, which is the Professional Association for SQL Server, and which also has lots of articles and features. SQL PASS has regional chapters that meet and present regularly. The one for my area puts those sessions up on the web as archives which is very helpful.

I'm sure there are other ways to find books "that fell off a back of a truck" in digital form around the internet as well.

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