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Morning All,

I have classified ads with various categories and sub categories and I want to do a url rewrite using IIS7. I need to make up a regular expression that could possibly have up to 5 categories and sub categories for example:


notice the numerical value at the end of each url, this is the part I am interested in retrieving as it is the ID for the eventual URL which would be:

How can I create a regular expression that can hunt out the integer on the end and also extract the domain name e.g.

Many thanks for your help.

Best Regards, Paul

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group 1 for domain name , and group 2 is for ID. It has been tested with RAD regular expression designer.

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+1 you were a bit faster. – stema May 11 '11 at 14:16
RewriteCond REQUEST_URI !/classifieds/viewad.asp
RewriteRule /classifieds/.*/(\d*)$ /classifieds/viewad.asp?Region=%{HTTP_HOST}&ClassAdID=$1
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