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I have some strange json that I cannot change, and I wish to parse it using the JsonParsen in lift.

A typical json is like:

    {"name":"xxx",  "data":{

The issue is that the keys for the data are unknown (data_xxxxx, where the xx:s are not known). This is bad json, but I have to live with it.

How am I supposed to setup case-classes in scala to be able to build a proper structure when the keys here are unknown, but the structure is known?

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You can use a Map, and every value can be JValue too, representing unparsed JSON. Example:

case class Id(id: String)
case class Data(name: JValue, data: Map[String, Id])

And then:

res0: Data(JString(xxx),Map(data_123456 -> Id(Hello), data_789901 -> Id(Hello), data_987654 -> Id(Hello)))
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Great, just what I needed. Big thanks!!! – Bjorn J May 12 '11 at 8:38

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