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I have the following file structure:


  • ActionPotential_hi.mp4
  • ADHD_hi.mp4
  • AlzheimersDisease_hi.mp4
  • alzheimers_art_hi.mp4
  • artificial_eye_hi.mp4
  • more files ...


  • ActionPotential_lo.mp4
  • ADHD_lo.mp4
  • AlzheimersDisease_lo.mp4
  • alzheimers_art_lo.mp4
  • artificial_eye_lo.mp4
  • etc.









In order to ingest these into a MarkLogic environment, I need these rearranged to into the following structure, where asset is the base filename.


  • asset_lo.mp4
  • asset_med.mp4
  • asset_hi.mp4
  • asset.txt
  • asset.adb.xml
  • asset_med.jpg

I would like a bash script to sort these out for me. Suggestions?

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find . -type f -print |
while read -r pathname; do
    case "$filename" in
        *_hi* | *_med* | *_lo*)
            # strip off last underscore and following chars
            # strip off first dot and following chars
    mkdir -p "../$new_dirname"
    echo mv "$pathname" "../$new_dirname/$filename"

Untested. Remove the echo when you're satisfied the mv commands look correct.

I moved the destination directories to the parent dir of CWD because I'm not certain whether find will pick up the newly created directories. Can someone address this point?

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@glenn Looks promising, am testing this evening. –  two7s_clash May 11 '11 at 20:53
@glenn jackman: this works well when I just have the directories with the mp4s. I get stuff like mv ./hi/ADHD_hi.mp4 .././hi/ADHD/ADHD_hi.mp4 But when I add the folders of xml and txt I get mv ./captions/artificial_eye.adb.xml ..//artificial_eye.adb.xml which isn't right. Not being moved to that basename folder. I think your script isn't written to deal with the "adb.xml" files. I will play around and see if I can figure this out, but any further pointers are appreciated! –  two7s_clash May 12 '11 at 0:57
@two7s_clash, right. In the *) branch of the case statement, it's finding the first dot as the first char. I'll update my answer in a few minutes –  glenn jackman May 12 '11 at 1:44
nope, doesn't work for files like CAPTIONS/artificial_eye.adb.xml (or even artificial_eye.xml) or TRANSCRIPTS/artificial_eye.txt –  two7s_clash May 12 '11 at 1:45
@two7s, try now –  glenn jackman May 12 '11 at 1:54

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