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I'm creating a SEO friendly URL which has some product names, which might have not-so-url friendly characters, eg:


I'm only interested in the last id number, however currently IIS redirects to a fault page on some of of my URLs.

I do not wish to disable the Request.Path check.

My question is - How do I sanitize the URLs so they will not bother IIS (preferably in C#) ?

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ASP.NET has HttpUtility which lets you escape illegal characters in url or html string.


Even though you are only going to need the ID at the end of the URL to get data from database, it is a good idea to also check if the SEO friendly part of the url is identical to original url.

If for whatever reason it has changed you should do a 301 permanent redirect to the original in order to avoid creating duplicate content.

Also setting up a canonical meta tag would help you prevent that issue.

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