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How can we identify that a user has zoomed the webView so as to resize the other components present. My webView starts from the middle of the screen and when a user zooms the webView it starts to scroll horizontally and vertically but it happens within the webView.The scrolling happens internally. I want to lock the webView from scrolling internally so that when a user scrolls vertically, the labels,textfields etc. on top of the webView also scroll up and not the webView alone. What I want to achieve is pretty similar to iPhone Native Email Client. For accomplishing this, I would like to put this webView on top of a scrollView and when a user zooms it, I would like to reset the content size of my scrollView so that whatever is added to the scrollView like labels and textfields above the webView also scroll when I scroll the webView.

Any ideas?

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You could do:

  • Disallow user to pinch zoom the webview
  • Detect double tap on your scrollview and toggle webview's scalesPageToFit property AND set userInteractionDisabled on webview

Now you can scroll only scrollview which has all the controls..

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The user should be allowed to pinch zoom or if scalesPageToFit compresses the content of the webView, then how will users view it. – paranoidcoder May 11 '11 at 18:09
as i mentioned, you can detect double tap and toggle the webview's scalesPageToFit property. – prakash May 13 '11 at 13:41

You can find help from this

Disabling default zoom effect and scalesPageToFit property

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