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I am trying to hardcode the following in my view for testing purposes. How do I do this without encountering an error?

My view:

`def create(request): form= PlayForm(request.POST or None) if form.is_valid():

    play = form.save(commit=False)
    play.track = 2
    request.user.message_set.create(message='Play Was created')
    if 'next' in request.POST:
        next = request.POST['next']
        next = reverse('coup_show')
    return HttpResponseRedirect(next)
return render_to_response(
    context_instance = RequestContext(request)`

My model:

class Play(models.Model):
    track = models.ForeignKey(Track,null=True, related_name='track_creator_set')

When I try this I get the following error...

Cannot assign "2": "Play.track" must be a "Track" instance.
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Try this:

play.track = Track.objects.get(pk=2)

You need to assign an instance of the Track model, rather than just the pk.

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You just want to set it to track 2?

How about:

play.track = Track.objects.get(id=2)

The error is telling you that you're trying to give it a number, when in fact you need a Track, so the solution is to give it a Track. :)

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