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Is it possible to set multiple SQL column types for an hibernate property depending on the dialect used ? If yes how ?

For example, if i have a column of type char[], I would like to create a CLOB type for Oracle and a Text type in SQL Server.

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The short answer is "no, it's not possible".

The long answer is "kind of, but you probably don't want to do that":

Hibernate would do that automatically to a certain extent - that is, when you define (implicitly or explicitly) a property of certain Hibernate type, it will translate that type to appropriate RDBMS-specific SQL type. Dialect and its descendants are responsible for that translation.

You could influence how that translation occurs - again, to a certain extent - by extending the dialect(s) you're working with (like Oracle or SQL Server) and registering your own column types. You're likely better off relying on default Hibernate type mappings, though.

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Thanks, in fact I am trying to modify code that I have not written and the types in hbm.xml files are specified as java type instead of hibernate types and I did not know the difference. – Denis R. May 13 '11 at 8:21

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