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I am a co-op student learning vb.net and I have a project which retrieves data from an xml file within the program (based on selections made from combo boxes) and calculates and displays prices.

My XML looks like this:
........<.Process>12345<./Process >
........<.12345Material_Process>This Process<./12345Material_Process >
........<.Rate>20<./Rate >
........<.Type>Nitrogen<./Type >
........<.Dia>0.125<./Dia >
........<.Machine_Type>12345 4000 <./Machine_Type >
........<.AB12345Bed_Size>4000<./AB12345Bed_Size >
........<.Base_Price>$831.00<./Base_Price >
*Periods are for display (Couldn't figure out how to display xml code, I am that new with code!)

I have one combobox that loads data from the Processes section just fine, but then another uses the same method and gets an "IndexOutOfRange" error or "Column AB12345Bed_Size Not Found" even though I am using the same method for both. For "Processes" I am using DataView.Sort on "<12345Material_Process>" which reflects the selecteditem in the combobox. The program retrieves that row without a problem. Here is the code that is giving me a problem:

   Dim xmlFile As XmlReader    
   xmlFile = XmlReader.Create("File.xml", New XmlReaderSettings())  
   Dim ds As New DataSet  
   Dim dv As DataView  

   dv = New DataView(ds.Tables(0))
   dv.Sort = strName & "Bed_Size"
   Dim index As Integer = dv.Find(cmbSize.SelectedItem)  

I have read msdn and tried to make sense of it, as well as searching through many forums and examples.
Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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So obviously I don't know XML very well. I renamed the "<.Machines>" tags as "<.Processes>" and now it works. Now that I think about it I had a similar problem before.
So I guess I'd better sign up early for that XML class next term!

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