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I have a UIViewController which is embedded in a navigation controller and presented modally:

AuthenticationController *auth = [[AuthenticationController alloc] init];

AuthRootController *navController = [[AuthRootController alloc]

navController.navigationBar.topItem.title = @"Anmelden";
navController.delegate = self;

[self presentModalViewController:navController animated:YES];

However there is something wrong with the delegate I created within the AuthRootController class:

@protocol AuthRootControllerDelegate

-(void)authRootControllerDidEnd:(UINavigationController *)sender;


@interface AuthRootController : UINavigationController {
    id<AuthRootControllerDelegate>  delegate;

@property (nonatomic, assign) IBOutlet id delegate;


And the implementation:

@implementation AuthRootController
@synthesize delegate;

-(void)userDidCancelController:(UINavigationController *)sender{
    if (self.delegate && [self.delegate conformsToProtocol:@protocol(AuthRootControllerDelegate)]) {
        [self.delegate authRootControllerDidEnd:sender];


When I use the method

-(void)authRootControllerDidEnd:(UINavigationController *)sender

it is not triggered. Any ideas?

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Have you declared that your delegate conforms to AuthRootControllerDelegate? The conformsToProtocol test looks at whether the delegate declares conformance, it doesn't do any sort of method-by-method check. So even if you've implemented authRootControllerDidEnd: on your delegate, conformsToProtocol can still return NO.

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In your interface you aren't declaring it as implementing the delegate protocol, you need to modify your interface declaration like this:

@interface AuthRootController : UINavigationController<AuthRootControllerDelegate> {
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