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I have an android application with a background thread that contains a socket connection for sending/receiving data from a server.

If my application ends ( back button, etc ) or is paused ( Home button, calling other app ) .. what is the best way of dealing with this background thread?

I have seen 2 ways:

call Thread.setDaemon(true) after creation and before starting the thread

Overriding onStop() or onPause() or onDestroy() methods:

I just want to ensure that my application doesn't hang or has other strange behaviour.

Thank you in advance


and by the way, what's the best solution to close the socket? Do I close it and the inputStream also? is that enough?

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I'd suggest using a signal variable of some sort: doing something like

public void run(){
  // do work

// clean up


And then in onStop() or onDestroy() set stopped to true. You'll need to make sure you clean up behind yourself as well, and if you need to re-start the thread you do so in onResume or onCreate.

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The thread is not always working on the background.. it's called eventually, and then does his work until finish... I need to clean it well if something happens while I am on the middle of some work... Because the thread has access to a socket connection, I think the thread can't be interrupted without ending this socket. Not sure of the best way though.. –  cornelyus May 20 '11 at 17:06
Yeah, if the process gets completely killed you're kinda out of luck there. I'm uncertain if the process kill invokes ANY of the lifecycle methods, but you could put a join on the Thread object after you set stopped to true and then wrap all the socket work with a finally clause that closes up the socket and does whatever other cleanup work you need. –  Femi May 20 '11 at 17:14
Hey Femi.. care to develop on that? Some coding maybe, please? –  cornelyus Jun 15 '11 at 16:57

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