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If I have a VBScript like...

inputControl1 = InputBox("Hello World")

How can a check box be created in there rather then the InputBox?

I know VBScript itself does not have a checkbox control like the InputBox, but is there some library I can use to do something like the following?

inputControl1 = CreateObject("library.checkboxcontrol")
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Couldn't you use a yes/no msgbox instead?

dim Answer
Answer=msgbox("Your question here",4)
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I tried this and will probably go with it even though it's really not what I was looking for. Thanks though. – matt_dev Feb 28 '09 at 1:01

You could use an HTA. That would be more involved than a VBScript, but it would be written in VBScript + HTML. There would be a few IE restrictions you may have to work around though.

Alternatively if you get VB.NET Express and code using that. It is a different language of course.

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