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Here's my scenario. I have three simple classes: SourceClassA, SourceClassB & DestClass. I have two custom converters defined inside the mapping XML in the following way:

            <converter type="com.myproject.ClassAConverter">

            <converter type="com.myproject.ClassBConverter">

Is this kind of mapping valid at all ? Can we map to the same destination class from two different source classes using custom converters ?

In my case, when I tried this, the ClassBConverter is never invoked at all by Dozer during bean mapping. Any thoughts ?

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That code looks correct to me. Can you write a simple test case to demonstrate this bug? – artbristol May 12 '11 at 13:06

try to configure the field using custom-converter="com.myproject.ClassBConverter".

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Nevermind, I fixed this problem. I forgot to add the corresponding field mappings inside the mappings XML. – Kalyan Akella May 20 '11 at 16:23

Does this mapping in this question map two objects to one destination object? For example, I have a scenario where I need some data from one source object and some from another and the data from both the source objects will go into one destination object.

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