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I am attempting to write an application that harvests information from a logged-in Facebook user. We are using the Facebook C# API (some documentation here). Getting the basic user information is easy enough, but the Graph API supports a lot of connections that link their objects to other arrays of things, which are all important for the application I'm writing. I am unable to find an example on how to traverse these connections on the codeplex site. Can anyone provide an example? Normally I would use the site itself but the discussion page outright requests that question askers use Stack!

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Here is a sample code on how to use the feeds connection.

var fb = new FacebookClient("access_token");
dynamic result = fb.Get("/me/feeds");
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Appreciate it, that's what I was looking for. –  YYY May 12 '11 at 22:08

You don't specify much about your application. If this is more of an IT thing than a true "Facebook Application", you could automate using PowerShell with Facebook PS Module.

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