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I found the following maintenance script:

Is it still needed for magento 1.4.1 or does the shell/log.php do the trick?

The script empty also the tables: catalogindex_aggregation, catalogindex_aggregation_tag', catalogindex_aggregation_to_tag' Is it ok? Is this script safe to use?


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The maintenance script by Crucial Webhost does not only clear the log tables in the database, but also the var directory in the file system. As far as I know there's no feature as of Magento 1.7 that will take care of that.

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shell/log.php clean will do the same thing the Crucialwebhost script does. So yes I would say it is not needed anymore. You can also specify automatic log cleaning within the Admin -> System -> Configuration -> Advanced -> System -> Log Cleaning.

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catalogindex_aggregation, catalogindex_aggregation_tag', catalogindex_aggregation_to_tag don't show in the link you gave. That's why I asked if the script and shell/log.php clean are doing the same thing. – pablo May 15 '11 at 5:51

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