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I want to search a word inside a string : For example let the String be "ThisIsFile.java" and let i want to search "File.java" or "IsFile"

This is something like sql 'like' query but unfortunately i am not getting that string from database.

Please suggest me any good solution for this. Thanks

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Which database vendor? You have to use the tools they give you. – duffymo May 11 '11 at 19:48
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There's a variety of ways of achieving this and the method you choose will depend on the complexity of your queries. For a simple plain symbol/word match the String class provides a contains method that takes a single parameter, the String to search for - and returns true if it occurs within the search String.

bool containsFile = myString.contains("file");
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Do you mean:

if (haystack.contains(needle))

? Note that this won't respect word boundaries or anything like that - it just finds if one string (needle) is a substring in another (haystack).

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Try using String.contains(). Also, check out the documentation for more information about the method

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You should be able to use

String.contains("some string");
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