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My hosting provider is Bluehost, and I'm attempting to create a Facebook app for the first time, but I do not understand how to get the files necessary installed on my hosting directory.

The facebook developer "Quick Creation Guide" says the following for step 1:

Extract this archive into a directory on your hosting server where you can host and run PHP code:

$ curl -L http://github.com/facebook/php-sdk/tarball/master | tar xvz
$ mv facebook-php-sdk-* facebook-php-sdk
$ cp facebook-php-sdk/examples/example.php index.php

Does anyone have any experience doing this? I am new to installing PHP in general, and have only been using hosts that have had it installed already, so I am very unfamiliar with this process.

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All you need to do to "install" the PHP SDK is download the lone PHP file (source available here), upload it to your server, and include it wherever you want to use it.

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And to add, using the command line (SSH) doesn't mean that you are actually "installing" something. The three lines above just mean:1) download the library 2) rename the folder folder 3) rename the example file :-) –  ifaour May 11 '11 at 20:22
Thanks to both of you. I was getting incredibly frustrated. Thanks again! –  Ian May 11 '11 at 23:56

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