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I'd like to develop an iPhone 4 app that uses the compass API, but I need readings at least as precise as a half a degree (eg. 100.5).

What kind of precision does the compass API provide?

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FYI, there's a difference between accuracy and precision that might be worth knowing if you are going to do further research on the matter. – Sedate Alien May 11 '11 at 22:15

In my experience, not anywhere near that.

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According to this site, the accuracy is supposed to be within 1.4 degrees. As with any magnetic compass, interference from surrounding objects and electronics will have some impact as well.

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You have to tilt compensate the compass first, so the accurary of accelerometer matters too.

After a sophisticated calibration of both the compass and the accelerometer, it is nowhere near that on the Shimmer2r platform.

I would expect the iPhone compass to be worse, especially without calibration.

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You can use de Giroscope + Compass to get a bigger precision.

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