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I am having an issue exposing my nested object VIA WCF RIA Service.

Example of business objects (not tied to DB)

public class User
    public string Name { get; set; }
    public Product Product { get; set; }


The user object will come to my client object, however the product does not. How can I resolve this?

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You can also do it in the query like this:

var MyUsers = DataContext.Users.Include("Product").ToList();
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Do you use the [Include] tag in User metadata? It will identify it as information that should be sent over the network.

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Yes I added Include but to do so you are required to use the [Association] attribute and in this case there really isn't a mapping between person and product. Can I just fake the relationship? –  Pawan May 11 '11 at 23:13

If there isnt a mapping, use a LINQ query: some pseudocode

var user= from u in User join Product on User.Key = Product.Key
select u;

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public Product Product { get; set; }
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I had a similar question here: WCF RIA Services - returning custom class of two already defined classes

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