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I am currently trying to use MediaElement by launching a Colorbox pop up. The video plays inside the lightbox and all is good. However if I try to use the fullscreen icon the video only fills the pop up window instead of the full screen. I am launching the popup using the inline attribute from colorbox that looks like:

$(".colorboxInline").colorbox({width:"610px", height:"395px", inline:true, href:"#inlineVid"});

Any one have any ideas on how to make the video actually go fullscreen. There is also a CMS under all of this so building seperate pages for each video and using an iFrame is not a good solution.

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Ever figure out a way around this? –  David Jul 13 '11 at 17:53

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I was able to display a video that was able to go fullscreen outside the bounds of the colorbox by building the tag inside of the function, like such. I also noted that there was some funky fullscreen behavior until I specified the video size in the video tag.

var tag = '<video id="video" controls="controls" preload="none" width="544" height="304"  src="mysrc.mp4" poster="myposter.jpg"></video>';

I then put the colorbox inline class and href in my corresponding anchor tag [in my html.]

I'm using the Drupal module, and I'm using MediaElement as a fallback, so the surrounding markup may be different from yours.

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