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How can i truncate the value in a collection_select

<%= collection_select(:standard, :parent_id, Standard.all, :id, :value, {:include_blank => 'No Parent'} ) %>

I would like to have the value shortened, but am getting errors with this:

<%= collection_select(:standard, :parent_id, Standard.all, :id, truncate(:value, :length => 40), {:include_blank => 'No Parent'} ) %>
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Option 1:

Add a custom method to your Model, something like truncated_value, and use that instead:

class Standard < ActiveRecord::Base
  include ActionView::Helpers::TextHelper

  def truncated_value
    truncate(value, :length => 40)


Then in your view:

<%= collection_select(:standard, 
                      {:include_blank => 'No Parent'}) %>

Option 2:

Just use a the select tag helper instead:

<%= select(:standard, 
           Standard.all.collect{ |s| [truncate(s.value, :length => 40), s.id] },
           {:include_blank => 'No Parent'}) %>
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