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I was hoping someone is a bit of a Facebook guru round here.

What I'm trying to do is show some different content to those who have liked our Facebook page to those that haven't using the fb:visible-to-connections FBML. I know it's possible to do this on Facebook Pages but I'm trying to work out if it's possible to do on our website.

Does anyone know?

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As a side note, the fb:visible-to-connections FBML is either deprecated or nearing deprecation. We cannot have FBML is page tabs no more, all should be iframes using the new signed_request parameter. With this signed_request, you can extract data that contains whether the user liked the current page or not.

As for your question, unfortunately there is no signed_request since you're outside of facebook. The only way to do your goal is:

  1. Have a facebook login to identify the user
  2. Query if the user has liked the page using:

  3. /me/likes call for the Graph API and look for the page

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