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Normally sorting based on keys and then iterating a hash can be done as following:

for $k (sort (keys %h)) {
  print $k, $h{$k};

But how to do the sorting based on values and then iterate through the hash? I can think of creating a new hash by swapping the key and value pairs. But is there any more clever way of doing this?

Thanks a lot.

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perldoc -q sort: How do I sort a hash (optionally by value instead of key)? –  tadmc May 12 '11 at 2:39

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If you want the sort comparator to be something other than cmp, you can supply a code block or a subroutine as the first parameter to sort. See the documentation for more details.

my %h = (
    aaaa => 'z',
    bbb  => 'x',
    c    => 'y',

# Sort on hash values.
for my $k (sort {$h{$a} cmp $h{$b}} keys %h) {
    print $k, "\n";   # bbb c aaaa

# Sort using a named subroutine.
for my $k (sort by_length keys %h) {
    print $k, "\n";   # c bbb aaaa

sub by_length {
    length($a) <=> length($b);
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This sorts the %age hash by value instead of key

@eldest = sort { $age{$b} <=> $age{$a} } keys %age;

This does sorting based on value. For more details refer to Perl Doc:


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How do I sort a hash (optionally by value instead of key)?

If you're going to program in Perl then you should really take the time to read the FAQ.

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