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I'm wondering if anyone knows about a working command line tool for linux to download using premium account on rapidshare. I've seen a python solution, which does not work for me -- returns urllib2 error message

urlopen error unknown url type: https

and my knowledge of python is not yet deep enough to figure out why: might be a recent RS change or something is wrong with my settings.

Any other tools around someone may be using and could share a link?

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wget works well. You have to point it to a file containing the cookie corresponding to your Rapidshare account (e.g. the cookies.txt in Firefox's profile directory).

wget --load-cookies /path/to/cookies.txt http://...
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curl is a remarkably powerful command-line tool for squeezing things out of web servers. I can't say about RapidShare in particular, but if you see what the manual download is doing, you can get curl to post the same forms, for example.

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I like Plowshare.
It let's you (depending on file hosting)

  • download
  • upload
  • list
  • delete
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Here's a tutorial for a command line tool to download from rapidshare:

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To get urllib2 to open https URLs you need Python with SSL support. How to get it depends on your distribution.

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The one I have problems with is Suse 9.3 with Python 2.6. I found an <a href="… about Python 2.6 with SSL</a>, but it looks like I'll need to modify the script I linked in the original post. – user63503 Feb 28 '09 at 1:03

Nice commandline tool for RapidShare and many other services (MegaUploads, HotFiles etc). It allows simultanous transfer from different services:

Just create file with list of URLs (# for comment), and start list-of-urls It monitors file with url list, so you can add/remove links without restarting script (i.e. breaking current transfer).

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If you don't mind using Ruby (it's pretty similar to Python anyway), check out the rapidshare gem (which I contribute to, BTW).

Installation: gem install rapidshare

Example of simple use:

require 'rapidshare'

files_to_download = %w{

rs = => 'my_login', :password => 'my_password')

files_to_download.each do |file| || puts "ERROR downloading #{file}"    

There is a more advanced downloading client available in /examples directory.

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