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I am looking for a simple Socket.IO server written in Java.

I am familiar with this one, but it has a dependency on servlets, which I am not using in my application.

I am looking for something similar to this, but supports all of the Socket.IO protocol, not just the WebSocket part.

EDIT: this also means no Jetty, etc.

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Try this lib:


Based on high performance socket lib Netty.

It supports latest protocol of Socket.IO server.

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Given that most production-capable Java-based servers are based on the Servlet standard, I don't believe any such implementation exists.

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Well, this isn't mean to serve as a web server, I want to expose a streaming API that is accessible via the web. Socket.IO makes the most sense for that. I guess I get to write one now. Fun. –  Alec Gorge May 12 '11 at 2:35
Hehe. Depending on your definition of fun :). I'd argue that going with something like Tomcat with the NIO handler and the Comet implementation gets you where you want to go faster, BUT I can understand not wanting to deal with all the extra layering that the J2EE stuff adds on. –  Femi May 12 '11 at 2:38

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