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im noob to rails. how can i get the value from my datepicker to pass it to the another method so i can run my query.

here's my controller:

def index
    redirect_to(:action => 'step1') 

def step1
    @checkin = params[:checkin]
    @checkout = params[:checkout]

def step2
    checkin = @checkin
    checkout = @checkout
    @amenities = Amenity.available(checkin, checkout)

my view:

    <%= label_tag @checkin, "From:" %>
    <%= text_field_tag "checkin", @checkin %>
    <%= label_tag @checkout, "To:" %>
    <%= text_field_tag "checkout", @checkout %>

    <%= button_to "Show Availability", :action => "step2" %>

and my model where i ran my query:

scope :available, lambda {
    |checkin, checkout| { 
      :select => 'amenities.*',
      :order => 'id',
      :conditions => [" NOT IN 
          SELECT from amenities aa, amenity_list al WHERE
 = al.amenities_id AND
            (? BETWEEN al.checkin AND al.checkout) OR
            (? BETWEEN al.checkin AND al.checkout)

HELP! thanks.. :)

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I would use the session to store between several steps. Also check out form wizard plugins / gems, which may can also do the job for you.

CheckOut also this Screencast, which helps you may be:

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ok.. thanks.. :) – Crisgine May 12 '11 at 2:29
i think this is not applicable for my app.. because im using a cart too. im using more than one model. :( – Crisgine May 12 '11 at 9:39
then store it in an object (cart) or so? I still would do it with a session / special model for that – radosch May 15 '11 at 1:35

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