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The following command works fine. It opens a new instance of Visual Studio 2010:


But if I specify a file name, Visual Studio's window layout will be reset.

devenv "D:\Temp\test.txt"

Any ideas? Thanks.


This command works:

devenv /command "open D:\Temp\test.txt"

But the file path cannot contain spaces. The following command gives an error: "The operation cannot be completed. The system cannot find the file specified":

devenv /command "open D:\Temp\test 2.txt"

I tried:

devenv /command "open 'D:\Temp\test 2.txt'"

But got the same error.

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OK I think understand now.

Visual Studio uses different layouts for different situations. It uses a special layout when it is opened from command line with a specified file name.

I have never custom this layout so it looks like the default one, made me thought the layout was reset.

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