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I'm looking for a service that allows you to enter a hexadecimal code for a color and a desired percentage of darkening. The service then returns the hexadecimal code of the new color.

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You can just use plain ol' HSV colors. Type your HEX color into the top box of this website and slide the value slider to darken/lighten the color to your desire.

HSV is quite useful for making shades of a certain RGB color, as changing a 100 to a 90 is all you need to do to darken a color a little.

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thanks for the site –  user730569 May 12 '11 at 3:59

According to what you mean by "a service", 0to255.com may give you what you want.

You choose a colour and it presents you with a range of colours and their numeric code (quote: "from black to white using an interval optimized for web design. Then, just click the variation you want to use and the hex code is automatically copied to your clipboard").

Alternately, I write my CSS in SASS (http://www.sass-lang.com) these days which compiles down to CSS, and amongst the benefits are the fact that it supports various colour manipulation functions such as "lighten" and "darken" (eg 'color: darken(#ab280e, 15%)') so you can just code up your style with what you want and let SASS do the rest for you.

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