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I am building a photo sharing service in php. I am using a lightbox in jquery which will popup when we click 'add' button to add photos. We can upload multiple photos. Also I am using ajax to upload photos so that the page is not reloaded. I want that after I upload photos the same will be automatically loaded in my gallery and the gallery should display new photos without need to refresh the page. The photos will have a particular id for a particular user in the database, so ulitmately the change in the table for the user should be reflected. Now the problem is that I don't have control over the closing button of the lightbox. Therefore I cannot modify it to call any other function so that it performs the query and displays my photos using ajax. I have heard that we can detect changes in the database automatically using JSON, but I have never used JSON and know almost nothing of it. Can anyone illustrate a simple example in php of how can the changes in a mysql table detected using JSON? Is there any other way to achieve it? Please help me.

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Have the upload handler on the server return whatever's needed to your client-side javascript to identify the new images. Id numbers, html snippets, etc... which you then insert dynamically into the gallery. – Marc B May 12 '11 at 4:15
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JSON an ideal data-interchange language.JSON is used for fast data interaction you can not do this with out help of DOM request.

You can do this with ajax. You make ajax request for every second for latest update.


use long polling method like comet

Implement COMET with PHP

EDIT:- gowri:How to make ajax request per second?

use setInterval


//make your ajax call here


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How to make ajax request per second? Does it affect the interface? I mean does the user get a sense that the gallery is refreshed now and then? – Sanks R May 12 '11 at 4:35
check update answer. do you want to show the gallery is refreshing to user – Gowri May 12 '11 at 4:45
No I dont wanna show? – Sanks R May 12 '11 at 4:53
than no problem.use JSON and get records in array format,with that array draw your page. live example is here firfug to see the response – Gowri May 12 '11 at 4:57

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