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I have 5 PDF files, each of which have links to different pages in another PDF file. The files are each tables of contents for large PDFs (~1000 pages each), making manual extraction possible, but very painful. So far I have tried to open the file in Acrobat Pro, and I can right click on each link and see what page it points to, but I need to extract all the links in some manner. I am not opposed to having to do a good amount of further parsing of the links, but I can't seem to pull them out by any means. I tried to export the PDF from Acrobat Pro as HTML or Word, but both methods didn't maintain the links.

I'm at my wits end, and any help would be great. I'm comfortable working with Python, or a range of other languages

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UPDATE: Sadly neither of these methods do the trick. For those that have similar problems, what I ended up doing was using the AutoBookmark plugin with Acrobat Pro and exporting the links to a file and then parsing the file. Works like a charm –  Ian Bell May 24 '11 at 22:44

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Looking for URIs using pyPdf,

import pyPdf

f = open('TMR-Issue6.pdf','rb')

pdf = pyPdf.PdfFileReader(f)
pgs = pdf.getNumPages()
key = '/Annots'
uri = '/URI'
ank = '/A'

for pg in range(pgs):

    p = pdf.getPage(pg)
    o = p.getObject()

    if o.has_key(key):
        ann = o[key]
        for a in ann:
            u = a.getObject()
            if u[ank].has_key(uri):
                print u[ank][uri]




I couldn't find a file that had links to another pdf, but I suspect that the URI field should contain URIs of the form file:///myfiles

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You may want to take a look at the pdf.getNamedDestinations() method as well. –  lafras May 12 '11 at 12:59
this package has been replaced by PyPDF2. Import statement should be changed to import PyPDF2 (but everything else is fine). –  Neil Apr 10 at 18:18

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