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We have an cloud based app built in asp.net. Now we want to have a desktop application which could run in an offline mode. Also when internet is provided it should be able to sync local database with online database. I would appreciate any pointers in this direction.

Thanks Mohit

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you want to implement sync at application level or database level? –  Furqan May 12 '11 at 5:06
i want to add sync at database level. –  Mohit Jain May 12 '11 at 5:19
since cloud databases have quite different structure that you cannot immitate offline easily so it would be a better approach to do it at application level, so for any changes in cloud DB structure wont effect your sync. You can develop app level webservices to sync offline data to cloud. –  Furqan May 12 '11 at 5:33
if your using Sql Azure, you may want to consider Sync Framework, see blogs.msdn.com/b/sync/archive/2010/10/07/… or Sql Azure Data Sync (still in CTP): social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/… –  JuneT May 12 '11 at 11:21
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