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I need a guidance to implement the Paypal Mobile Express Checkout in PHP.

I am looking for sample code, and documentation, to implement it.

Please advise me.

My site was lacking this functionality, so I need a quick response from an expert.

Thanks in Advance.

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Mobile Express Checkout is PayPal’s Express Checkout service tailored to mobile devices. Mobile Express Checkout screens are optimized for webkit browsers for iPhone and Android. It is easy to transition your desktop checkout experience to mobile devices. To help with this transition PayPal has some best practices you should review. These suggestions can improve the user experience and result it higher conversion rates.

There is lot about mobile express checkout

As well as lot about this payment gatway and sample code

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I found this today while also searching for PHP code for the PayPal MEC It was exactly what I was looking for and hopefully will help you as well.

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