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I am working on a task where I am creating some input control dynamically and i am creating a js file using streamwriter in c# code to validate the input control. Now I want to add reference to the currently created js file in my aspx page.

my create input control method is a webmethod and I call it using ajax-json from client side. web method:

public static string LoadDatanGenerateControls(int PostTypeID, int CategoryID)
    DataTable dtControls = new DataTable();
    StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
    dtControls = PostingExtendedFields.GetExtendedDFields(PostTypeID, CategoryID);
    foreach (DataRow dr in dtControls.Rows)
        sb.Append("<input value=';" + dr["RequiredError"].ToString() + "'; type=';text'; size=';20'; id=';txt_" + dr["FieldName"].ToString() + "'; class=';riTextBox riEmpty'; style=';width:450px;'; onfocus =';Focus(this);'; onblur=\"Blur(this,';" + dr["RequiredError"].ToString() + "';);\"/>");
    //create the js file
    string path = HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath("") + "\\";
    if (File.Exists(path + "sale.js")) File.Delete(path + "sale.js");//delete if exist
    using (StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(path + "sale.js"))
        sw.WriteLine("function Focus(obj) {");
        sw.WriteLine("var id = obj.id;");
        sw.WriteLine("$(';#'; + id).val(';';);");
        sw.WriteLine(" }");
        sw.WriteLine("function Blur(obj, title) {");
        sw.WriteLine("var id = obj.id;");
        sw.WriteLine("if ($(';#'; + id).val() == ';';) {");
        sw.WriteLine("$(';#'; + id).val(title);");
        sw.WriteLine(" }");
    return sb.ToString();

On the aspx page:

 function LoadControls() {
        try {
            var types = $find("<%= ddlPost.ClientID %>");
            var Category = $find("<%= ddlCategory.ClientID %>");
            var typeID = types.get_value();
            var catID = Category.get_value();
            ///web method
                type: "POST",
                url: "Default.aspx/LoadDatanGenerateControls",
                data: "{';PostTypeID';:';" + typeID + "';,';CategoryID';:';" + catID + "';}",
                contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
                dataType: "json",
                success: function(msg) {
                    if (msg.d.length > 0) {
                        //add js file path
                        addjsfile("sale.js", "js")
                async: false,
                error: function(xhr, status, error) {
        } catch (e) { }

    function addjsfile(filename, filetype) {
        if (filetype == "js") {
            var fileref = document.createElement(';script';);
            fileref.setAttribute("type", "text/javascript");
            fileref.setAttribute("src", filename);
        if (typeof fileref != "undefined") {

but my addjsfile function is not working at all. its not adding the refrence in the Head section and I am unable to use functions in the js file.

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the solution to your problem is to use the following line of code in the event wherever you are using the js functionality or simply on the page load ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptInclude("MyScript","MyJavaScript.js") more detailed discussion goes here

if you only intend to use javascript block to do this then have a look at it if it can be of any help

Click Here

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