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I have tried to look for answers for my question but haven't found anything conclusive.

I have a site which, among other things, stores member pictures & thumbnails. They are in separate directories, and within each directory are a cascade of folder names based on properties of the image. This is to prevent thousands of images being in one directory for performance reasons.

for example, a typical image has a URL like:


The file location and name are stored in a mysql database so they can be dynamically displayed.

How would a CDN be implemented for my images? Can I recursively select all the images in a directory to be uploaded to the CDN? How often would it update this file information?

And finally, what might happens when the database retrieves a url like the one above? Will the CDN automatically redirect the user to something like this?


Or will I have to design my database differently?

Thank you.

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If you choose to migrate to a CDN and not change your URL scheme you would have to make sure requests to www.mysite.com/thumbs/ are routed to your CDN (at www.cdn.mysite.com/thumbs/).

You also need to change your method of saving images to also save a copy to the CDN, or you could create a synchronization script to run periodically, but then you would need to serve your resources from two locations; from your own if the file is not present on the CDN, which would increase the complexity of your setup.

I would make sure I store my resources directly at my CDN at the same time I backup locally and would migrate to a separate domain form my CDN (to allow more concurrent downloads from the user).

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For some reason I thought CDNs worked like cacheing, where they would automatically be added to the network when they were retrieved from the 'origin' server. – minjoon May 12 '11 at 6:44
No, they do not automagically work like that. It's not impossible to create some sort of middleware to make it seem that way, but I do not know of any such solutions. For more on CDN's, see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Content_delivery_network – Pål Brattberg May 12 '11 at 6:52

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