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I have an iPad app and need to integrate vimeo to it. I'm in the initial stages of integrating it to my app. I first need to authenticate my app through vimeo.

I've gone through the steps for authentication in documenattion and I'm able to pass through first 2 steps:

Request Token: http://vimeo.com/oauth/request_token

User Authorization: http://vimeo.com/oauth/authorize

But unable to get oauth_token and oauth_token_secret through last step:

Access Token: http://vimeo.com/oauth/access_token

Vimeo redirects to callback url instead of going back to the app which is fine until I get verifier and authorization token. But once I use these to get oauth_token and oauth_token_secret, console shows following error message:

Error Domain=NSURLErrorDomain Code=-1012 "The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error -1012.)" UserInfo=0x18146180 {NSErrorFailingURLKey=http://vimeo.com/oauth/access_token?oauth_token=141b4ff56c48dc5d03501297bde85ebc&oauth_verifier=land-1886924229, NSErrorFailingURLStringKey=http://vimeo.com/oauth/access_token?oauth_token=141b4ff56c48dc5d03501297bde85ebc&oauth_verifier=land-1886924229, NSUnderlyingError=0x181483d0 "The operation couldn’t be completed. (kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork error -1012.)"}

Can anyone please help or atleast provide some directions?

To further give an insight, I'm using OAuthConsumer framework. Below are the lines of code where we place request to get an access token:

  • (void)successfulAuthorizationWithToken:(NSString *)token verifier:(NSString *)verifier { NSLog(@"successfulAuthorizationWithToken"); OAMutableURLRequest *request; OADataFetcher *fetcher;

    //NSURL *url = [NSURL URLWithString:@"https://api.twitter.com/oauth/access_token"]; NSURL *url = [NSURL URLWithString:@"http://vimeo.com/oauth/access_token"]; request = [[[OAMutableURLRequest alloc] initWithURL:url consumer:self.consumer token:self.accessToken realm:nil signatureProvider:nil autorelease];

    OARequestParameter *p0 = [[OARequestParameter alloc] initWithName:@"oauth_token" value:token]; OARequestParameter *p1 = [[OARequestParameter alloc] initWithName:@"oauth_verifier" value:verifier]; NSArray *params = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:p0, p1, nil]; [request setParameters:params];

    fetcher = [[[OADataFetcher alloc] init] autorelease];

    [fetcher fetchDataWithRequest:request delegate:self didFinishSelector:@selector(accessTokenTicket:didFinishWithData:) didFailSelector:@selector(accessTokenTicket:didFailWithError:)];

    [p0 release]; [p1 release];


I've also tried solutions specified in below link: Twitter API + OAuthConsumer.framework

It says to use [[[OAHMAC_SHA1SignatureProvider alloc] init] autorelease] as signatureProvider. But the results are same.

I need to get following values after I get verifier and authorized token using the access token step: oauth_token=YourAuthorizedOauthToken&oauth_token_secret=YourAuthorizedTokenSecret

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You need to provide your own callback in your request, which looks like myapp://... and register myapp handler in iOS, so that when browser is redirected then iOS will give control back to your app. I'm assuming you are using OAuth properly and start a browser from your app for user interaction. Alternatively you could use a WebView (not what OAuth recommends) then in the WebView delegate you can catch a redirect and parse access toke out.

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I need to get oauth_token and oauth_token_secret using verifier and authorization token. I get verifier and authorization token after the second step "User Authorization" where app is redirected to callback url and I fetch verifier and authorization token from the request url in webview delegate method. But now I need to use these to get oauth_token and oauth_token_secret through the last step where I face the issues. –  random May 12 '11 at 8:39
Well, I further researched, and I get an error: 401 Unauthorized - Invalid signature - The oauth_signature passed was not valid. My base signature key is GET&http%3A%2F%2Fvimeo.com%2Foauth%2Faccess_token&oauth_consumer_key%3D97823cb1f‌​f039bce66966341928a7db2%26oauth_nonce%3DDEE0A217-620E-459A-8BF3-BE7F5B9F281A%26oa‌​uth_signature_method%3DHMAC-SHA1%26oauth_timestamp%3D1305198917%26oauth_token%3Dd‌​545d685bb6a38f9ce108c99b9175bbb%26oauth_verifier%3Dpulse-2088361215%26oauth_versi‌​on%3D1.0 Can anyone tell where is the issue here? –  random May 12 '11 at 11:17
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Finally got it working. There were issues in the base string and oAuth Header string format.

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Hi, I having the same problem . How did you resolve it? –  Janub Jul 5 '12 at 15:36

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