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Dear guys I am going switch to java , i want to know which development technology is promising for future development of apps , is my choose reliable

My top keys are multi platform , wider community , support of latest technologies like smart devices , ...

Also i am not satisfied with adobe ( flex / air ) i think i totally waste my time due to performance and many issues like server side processing and ...

My Other choose is python Any word from u could help me

Thanks in advance

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Yes Java is suitable for your requirement. Still in Java, you have to choose framework like struts, spring... very carefully. But there are lot of forums and blogs are availables. They will guide you.

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yes , i did ask but out here many fan guys make war instead of help , as long as i know spring MVC is more promising !? –  Synxmax May 12 '11 at 6:35
@Synxmax, thats true, but there are some sites like stackoverflow, martin folwer(blogger), springsource.org, Help is always there in Java technology. java site have lot of documents, www.theserverside.com. –  Kamahire May 12 '11 at 6:47
  1. For UI, SpringMVC is gaining more and more supports from the community. Struts is a bit old.
  2. For the Core Framework, still Spring Framework. Or you may want to consider GWTas alternative.
  3. For the DAO, still Hibernate.
  4. For the mobile, Android and Sencha Touch(EXT-js) are promising.
  5. Google Apps Engine is also interesting. Supports Java + Phyton.
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